Util Auditors specializes in cost reduction by identifying and correcting billing errors and inefficiencies in utilities, contracted services, financial services, and HR services. They leverage proprietary technology and a contingency-based pricing model, ensuring clients only pay when savings are found. Serving mid-market and Fortune 500 companies, Util Auditors provides detailed cost reduction analysis and ongoing monitoring through their uView™ dashboard, which allows clients to track savings in real-time. Their approach is holistic, aiming to improve operational efficiency and return revenue to clients' bottom lines


Why Util Auditors?


Beyond our highly successful track record, we’ve completed utility bill audits for mid-market entities, as well as large Fortune 500 companies with hundreds of locations and cost categories. Util Auditors leverages industry’s best technology solutions to spot operational efficiencies, which allows our team to be the most complete expense reduction resource that we can possibly be for our clients.




Visually Track Your Cost Savings With Our Proprietary Client Portal.


Enterprise Cost Reduction Platform (ECRP™)


Introducing ECRP™ from Views360™—a premier technology solution meticulously designed for enterprise-level organizations, large investment groups, and property management companies. This advanced version of our proprietary Views360™ software offers unparalleled cost reduction capabilities, facilitating substantial savings and streamlined operations. Distinguished by its unique white-label feature, Views ECRP™ enables clients to customize the platform to reflect their brand identity.

ECRP™ seamlessly connects users with a vast network of auditors and cost reduction specialists, allowing for concurrent audits across multiple business areas.  Additionally, it provides advanced administrative controls for effortless company and vendor onboarding, ensuring smooth and efficient management

Key Features:


  • Customizable company-branded dashboard, login interface, and URL

  • Seamless generation and distribution of company-wide proposals, statements of work, and project notifications

  • Enhanced administrative controls and permissions management

  • Access to a vast network of cost reduction experts

  • Real-time tracking and notifications of savings

Discover the power of Views ECRP™ and elevate your enterprise with superior cost management and operational excellence!


Views ECRP™ makes it easy to effectively assess your audit in real time, view detailed savings and analysis reports, approve/ decline recommendations and communicate in real-time with your auditor.